The Jaw Bumper is a semi-permanent, near weightless, peel and stick, foam cheek weld pad that adds both comfort and stability. The shape and feel also allow for a more immediate and natural sight alignment.


Fits Most Rifle Stocks


Comfort Stability

The product is 5.5" x .75" x .27" and will fit on most rifle stocks. It is however not intended for use on wood stocks as the adhesive may have an adverse affect on the finish. The product does not act nor is it intended to act as a riser although your cheek placement will likely feel more natural.


Each package includes 2 identical Jaw Bumpers. Installation is simple just peel stick and press in place. For use as a single pad on a hunting rifle or both on a tactical rifle. Our high-tech adhesive and foam is designed to outlast the elements and keep you shooting more comfortably until you are ready to replace it.


Please follow instructions and please keep in mind the product is not designed to be used on curved areas. It will not hold firmly. Most rifles have a very close to flat area before the arch begins. This is where we recommend the product be placed. It should not be placed on curved surfaces. 

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